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Analytics form

CabinPanda Form Analytics helps explore how different form fields effect the performance of your form, and track your forms’ performance giving you valuable insights on your form data. It also gives a clear indication of how effective your form is performing.

CabinPanda Form Analytics will show the problematic fields, ie. the fields that lead to the most drop offs, that cause visitors to get confused or hesitation. This also helps improve conversion rates and UX of forms.

From visitor to customer

CabinPanda Form Analytics is a tool used to understand visitor behaviours, hence used to convert visitors to customers.

Critical insights

CabinPanda Form Analytics will enable stats such as unique views, number of submissions, conversion rate and rate of abandonment.

UX and marketing peoples’ favourite

CabinPanda Form Analytics holds light to such valuable form data that it is a favourite among UX people and marketing people; shaping the way marketing campaigns evolve.

***CabinPanda Form Analytics tool is currently being worked on. Some features are currently being tested by our devs, and will be launched pretty soon.

Track the performance of your forms and see what matters the most. Get a chance to improve your UX and improve conversion rates using the valuable insights provided thanks to CabinPanda’s form analytics feature. Its your best chance to convert visitors to customers. Go for it!

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