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Regular form

Create beautiful forms with an impact on your target audience.They are easy, and very good at collecting data.

CabinPanda's smart form editor allows users to create custom forms easily. The nature of the form editor enables users to come up with unique forms with good user experiences.

Collect data

There are 21+ fields that can be used to creat your custom forms. All with different powers, waiting to be explored.

Accept online payments

CabinPanda has integrations with payment partners such as Stripe, Paypal and Paynet to process secure online payments.

Create forms that resonate

Create forms that bring you closer to your audience and help you gather as much information to boost your business.

Explore the power of our smart form editor. It's super easy, super fluent. Each and every field type comes with its own properties which can be tweaked to match your desired form. All you have to do is to try and see it for yourself. No coding at all.

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