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Scheduling form

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Stop wasting time trying to schedule a meeting. All you need to do is just send out your scheduling link. No need to worry about the back and forth arrangement messaging, and no confirmation messaging. It’s all gone.

Just send out your scheduling link, then your audience can select a date & time from the available time slots remaining on your timetable.

Define your availability and set your limits

With the scheduling forms, you can define your availability and set limits to prevent clashes and overloading.

Send out your unique scheduling link

To get your scheduling calendar up and running, send out your unique link and get your target audience to book meetings.


Make an impression with your personalized scheduling link, looks and feels more professional.

Schedule meetings with your target audience according to both parties’ availability

Enables invitees to see and compare availability. Easy for both parties.

Fast and easy

Instant scheduling. Once you try it out, you will never go back to conventional meeting arrangements.

Only show available slots

Set only for available slots to show on your calendar. Every selected slot is confirmed right away.

With the back and forth arrangement messaging and confirmation messaging gone,you can dig deep into stuff that matters more.

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