CabinPanda for Agencies

Agencies love taking data-driven decisions.

The skillset and powers that CabinPanda adds to an agency is out of this world. The ease and speed of making data driven decisions will make you a die hard fan of CabinPanda.
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Why agencies use CabinPanda

Agencies love using CabinPanda, and they have a plenty ofreasons for this:
gather data
create inspiring forms with great UX
form analytics feature
session recording feature
accept online payments
increase conversion rates
scheduling feature
conversational forms

One place to collect all your data

Improved user experience throughout your data collection process

CabinPanda acts as the single place for all data collection, where the data collection and analysis of useful insights on your target audience is done through one platform. With insights, UX is always improved.

Makes it easy to capture leads and convert leads to customers

Collect, analyze, and leverage data with high-quality online forms. It’s super easy to connect your forms with API and webhook options, too!