CabinPanda for IT

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Give all your teams/departments the chance to control their own data systems, and freedom to explore online data gathering all under one roof. This will relieve your IT teams’ challenges quite a lot.
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Why IT teams use CabinPanda

IT teams are always very busy solving other peoples’ technical problems. They would love to deal with one less problem and CabinPanda will give them that comfort.
everything in one platform
easy changes/fixes
not having to deal with custom code writing
fast solutions
session recording feature

Everything under one roof

Solutions of the future

CabinPanda comes with features that are way beyond their time. They are definitely very useful and do change the operational flows of businesses if used wisely.

Easy integrations to many apps

Having to integrate custom systems to apps can be challenging and time consuming, and is not a crowd favourite among IT people. Thanks to CabinPanda’s integrations, this is now super easy.