CabinPanda for UX Designers

For some, experience is all that matters

In a world where there is alternatives to almost anything and everything, experience is the key factor that makes the difference.
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Why UX teams use CabinPanda

CabinPanda gives UX teams the flexibility and powers to deliver exactly what theyhave in mind, and on top of this, UX teams get valuable insights so they get a chanceto change stuff that are under-performing.
useful insights
see what users struggle with
easily replicate whats performing well
form analytics feature
session recording feature
chance to make changes

Support your forms with great user experiences

Great user experience is crucial

Users should understand what to do in your forms. This will result in more responses and a lot of valuable data for you and your team to study upon.

Analyse and change what doesn’t perform

If you see that users don’t understand with some part of your form, or they are struggling, then make changes and see how that change affects. If good, then great, if not change again.

Better UX brings improved conversion rates

No matter the importance of marketing tactics, it all comes down to whether users understand what you are trying to do. Be clear, and be precise. You will not regret.